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March 4, 2019

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Bamboo Clothing

November 21, 2017


There’s a lovely kind of calm when you walk into a forest, and a forest of bamboo is no different. Bamboo forests are dense. As a vast organism, they consume 12 tons of carbon per hectare, and gifts back 30% more oxygen than trees; they even reclaim land going fallow, overbuilt or overgrazed. Bamboo is a healer.

And when you walk into their midst, the light slants just so, the air shimmers with their silent breathing. Everything goes still, everything goes calm. They are truly wondrous beings.


Traditionally, bamboo, here in Asia, was used for paper production, an easy way to utilize this very sustainable resource, much in the same way that the Ancient Egyptians used their papyrus.  Today bamboo is used to make everything from hardwood floors to dishes. But what I want to talk about today is how bamboo is being used to create clothing, and the way to spot the differences between good practices and bad practices.


 Now, if you’ve ever had the opportunity to walk into a store selling the real thing, you have felt the luxurious softness that these fabrics offer. It’s often compared to silk, for both its feel and the fact that it’s hypoallergenic (unlike wool or hemp). Bamboo is an impressive insulator: great for the wetter, colder weather seasons. It’s antibacterial and great at moisture wicking. It’s also said to be UV protective.


Now, when bamboo is used naturally as a fiber textile, this is in fact one of the most eco-friendly and renewable, sustainable fabrics you can put on your body or put your dollar behind. Bamboo creates its own bio-agent known as Bamboo “kun” and thus protects itself without the need of pesticides or any fertilizers in its groves. This is why it makes such great active wear and yoga gear, because of its natural antimicrobial properties.   


Doesn’t bamboo clothing sound wonderful?

It’s definitely worth trying out. And as you know, we like to recommend kind choices with our purchasing power, so we really enjoy supporting this indigenous and natural fiber for clothing. Wear some trees. 

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