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The Difference We Can Make Environmentally

January 20, 2018

It is now common knowledge that we are dealing with serious environmental problems when it comes to plastics. But despite the problem, we still produce a good number of plastics annually. In Los Angeles area alone, you can expect 10 metric tons of plastic fragments from straws to soda bottle being carried away to the Pacific ocean every day. Now let that sink in for the moment. 


This is why it’s always a breath of fresh air to see eco-friendly events such as Wonderfruit Festival every now and then. It just reminds us that having fun doesn’t always have to be destructive to the environment. 


We recently joined Wondefruit Festival last December 13. This event has opened our eyes to the possibilities of helping the environment and how everyone can actually contribute to these meaningful projects. 


Wonderfruit started in 2014. In a short span of time, Wondefruit has made a huge impact on the environment. The goal of Wonderfruit is to integrate environmentally friendly actions in each of their projects. They’ve made it possible to make stages out of trash and even building one entirely made of rice. Despite breaking the conventional norm in their practices, WondeFruit do all of these things in order to ensure the sustainability of things that they do. 



They also collaborate with some of the most talented designers locally and internationally in order to showcase a one of a kind architectural experience that can encourage more people to be aware of what they do in order to save the environment. 

Wonderfruit has also partnered with like-minded organizations in order to further create a positive impact together. For instance, Wonderfruit has partnered with the UNDP as part of the Plastic Pollution Coalition. 


Wondefruit is also known for incorporating new technology into their environmental project. With a goal to plant more than 10,000 mangrove trees in Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park, Wonderfruit supported the initiative to raise funds using blockchain technology. This out-of-the-box project has made it possible for you to invest using a digital currency known as TREE coin. 


Wonderfruit Festival is different from other events because it doesn’t have to deal with waste problems, especially after the entire festival. 

Wonderfruit Festival has a zero plastic policy which simply means that there is no plastic allowed on-site. Participants are encouraged to bring their own cups and discounts are even given to individuals who are reusing containers. 




As for the water source, Wonderfruit Festival relies on fresh water from its natural lake and utilize industrial grade filtration. Here, Wonderers get free access to this water. As for the water cartons, Wonderfruit also recycles these materials and turn them into roof tiles. 



Wondefruit believes that we should do our part in helping the environment. And with their events, it just shows how all of these things can be possible. In fact, making a huge impact in our environment requires a collective effort. And to be part of this movement is rewarding especially knowing that it can help catalyze change that can be practiced by a good number of people in their respective communities.   

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