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What sugar does to the body

July 27, 2018


Oh, Sugar. A lot of us are quite addicted to your sweetness. You’re almost like a drug. (Actually, sugar is as addictive as cocaine, and studies have shown that too much of it has been linked with higher risks of cancer and Alzheimer’s.)


How can you tell if you’re genuinely a sugar addict? For example, emotional eating, hiding sweets, eating them only when you’re alone, or feeling guilty afterwards are just a few of the symptoms.

All joking aside, sugar is one of the top most addictive legal substances, which science has proven. And it’s not just candy and ice cream that we must worry about. Sugar is in everything! So, if you haven’t really thought about what sugar does to our body, keep reading to find out what exactly this lethal substance really can do. (Besides the obvious: rotting our teeth and gaining weight!)


Our Brain 

Back to the addictive part, sugar immediately sends little signals to our brain which makes it release the “love drug” dopamine. This is what makes us crave sugar even more and causes us to eat when we’re not even hungry.


Our Pancreas and Liver 

Type II Diabetes alert! When we have too much sugar in our body, our pancreas releases insulin to be used as energy. It has to work even harder to keep our blood sugar down, which means more insulin is released. Having too little insulin can cause nerve damage. If the pancreas stops producing insulin because it’s overworking itself, it will shut down. And that basically leads to developing type II diabetes.


The same goes for the liver, which also has to work even harder to process excess sugar. All the extra sugar usually turns into fat build-up and can cause high cholesterol or heart disease.


Our Hips and Joints 

When our body doesn’t burn sugar, what happens exactly? Yes, it gets stored away as fat. When we have extra weight that doesn’t suit our body frame, it weighs down on our joints, literally. The impact severely damages the collagen that surrounds and protects them. 


Our Skin 

Yes, even our skin. The same way excess sugar damages the collagen around our joints, except it’s the collagen and elastin, which is our skin’s support system. These two are what keep our skin firm and prevent wrinkles, sagging skin, etc. 


Our Heart 

Sugar inflames the artery walls, for one. And since sugar leads to weight gain, which is a hazard for our resistance to insulin and our metabolism, it can increase our chances of getting heart disease, meaning we’re increasing our risk of death.



Know your sugars! Added sugar is the biggest enemy here and it’s found in anything that is processed. Also, avoid sweeteners labeled as artificial or natural. Natural sugar is found in everything else. It’s so important to make a healthier choice before reaching for food or drinks loaded with the “bad” sugars. Think of fresh fruits and yogurt, apple slices or celery sticks with peanut butter, or trail mixes and nuts. Or, just stick to smaller versions of sweet treats