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Yoga for Moms!

May 11, 2018


With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend on Sunday the 13th, we’ve got an idea for a beautiful gift that you can give her, or any woman who you celebrate on this day. It’s not only a gift that lasts a lifetime, but it’s something that any mom will love and benefit from. It’s the gift of yoga. A thoughtful, much-needed gift of self-care.


(And if you’re a mom reading this, gift this to yourself!)


Mom needs to take time for herself, and not just for one day of the year. Yoga will benefit her mind, body and soul. We’ve got to be mindful that mothers rarely do anything for themselves because of busy schedules, especially new moms! Sometimes days or weeks will pass, and Mom hasn’t done anything to rejuvenate herself, or hasn’t enjoyed even something simple like her favorite hobby. Gardening, reading, movies…we know she has interests of her own and a desire to have some freedom to identify with herself as just her, and without feeling guilty about it.


If you think she might be hesitant to try yoga, share with her some reasons why she should.


Less Stress

Yoga is very grounding, soothing to the nervous system and balances emotions. Busy schedules and hectic days cause unnecessary stress, bad moods, and it makes us age much faster. And, so that she doesn’t stress about how to fit yoga into her day, “get up early, Mom!” The more yoga she does, the better she’ll sleep at night and will feel well-rested in the mornings.


Getting Fit

No matter of age, weight, body shape or size, yoga is for everyone. Since it’s another form of exercise with various levels, Mom can use yoga to tone and strengthen her body and lose belly fat.


Clearing the Mind

The breath work alone will clear out the excess mind clutter and she’ll have more mental focus and clarity. This allows time for her just to be in the present moment and it’s a wonderful way to set the tone of her day.


“Me” Time

Mom will soon start to look forward to practicing yoga because it’s time well-spent just for her. Self-care and self-love! It’s a valuable lesson for moms to learn, and it sets an amazing example for any younger kids in the family. 




Sure, you can gift her some group sessions or maybe splurge on a yoga instructor. But how special would it be to grab a couple of mats and personally show Mom by having a private session?


To her, having that time with you will be a gift. Still, ideally, you’ll want to make it a unique experience in a DIY spa-like environment for her. Create a tranquil music playlist, have a small bottle of lavender or rose water mist on hand, or brew some fruit-infused water. Most importantly, if you’re more of the yoga expert, you’ll want to have some easy, restorative poses ready to start out with. Or find an app or online video that she can easily follow along with.


Wishing all mothers, grandmothers and mother-figures a blessed, happy Mother’s Day! 

"Life began with waking up and loving my mother's face." - George Eliot