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Reasons to Stay Hydrated Everyday

February 21, 2018

The body is mainly composed of water. It is true that you can survive longer without food than without water. This shows how important water is to our daily lives. Fluids are used in order to carry nutrients throughout the body. It can also help flush bacteria and harmful organisms out of the system.  


As a rule of thumb, you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day in order to stay healthy. To give you a rough estimate, you will have to consume around 1.5 liters to even 2 liters of water every day depending on the weather and your activities. So what makes water so important? Here are some things that you can get from staying hydrated. 




Helps boost your energy

Though water doesn’t contain calories that you can burn to produce energy, water is essential in enzymatic activities as well as sleep promotion that can keep the body running. It is also responsible for the recovery and the repair of bodily systems which can be useful to produce energy. 


Can help stop overeating

Another benefit of staying hydrated is to stop yourself from overeating. One of the most common reasons why people feel hungry is because of dehydration. The body tends to get confused that it is hungry when it simply needs water. 

Flush out unwanted microorganisms 

Water is a great way to flush different microorganisms, toxins, and other microbes in our system. Water can help flush all of these unwanted things out of the system via the kidneys and bladder and even via your colon. 


Speeds up cartilage and joint repair 

Water plays an important role in preventing damage to the joints. Cartilage is mostly made of water. This is why you should always keep in mind staying hydrated whenever you are doing workouts and extraneous activities. 


Can help the muscles work better

Muscles can also benefit from staying hydrated. During exercise, water can help get rid of things that can cause fatigue. Also, water can help provide adequate nutrients to make your muscles contract. In fact, dehydration appears to have been the reason why people tend to get muscle cramps.  


Can help make the body stay cool

Doing activities outdoors or simply walking under the heat of the sun can make the body overheat. What water does is keep the body cool. How exactly does it work? 

The body releases heat by expanding blood vessels found on the surface of your skin. However, when you stay dehydrated, it takes a higher temperature to widen the blood vessels which basically means that your body stays hotter even making it at risk of suffering from heat stroke.   


Can help slow the process of aging 

Though aging is a natural process in life since cells die eventually, keeping the cells hydrated can help prolong cellular life. By staying dehydrated, cells need to work harder in the body which basically means that it does accumulate more wear and tear than it should. 

By drinking sufficient amounts of water, you are putting less stress on your body both on cellular legal and when it comes to organs of your body. 



Drinking sufficient amount of water on a daily basis is a great way to boost your overall health. As rule of thumb, drinking at least two liters of water a day can keep your body healthy. You can also take water from water-rich food options from fruits to salads. 

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