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More than Hiking!

February 6, 2018

Planning to pack your tent and hiking boots for the coming weekend?

Hiking can be considered a fun weekend activity regardless if it is done on your own or with a couple of likeminded friends.  Not only do you get to explore nature, you can also stay away from the stressful environment of the city. But other than that, hiking still has a number of benefits. In fact, it is a highly recommended activity because of this.


Here are some of its benefits



A total body workout 

If you already get bored with the usual gym equipment, maybe it is time that you try to enjoy the outdoors. Hiking can work on your calves, glutes, hamstring, and your thighs. For some terrain that requires you to climb using your arms, then expect your shoulders, biceps, and triceps to also feel the burn the next day. 


And since hiking can take hours of walking and climbing, you will also definitely work on your stamina. In fact, this is a great way to test your cardio. And since it can help burn a lot of calories, you are improving your cardiovascular system. And the good thing about the outdoors is that it is free! You don’t have to pay any gym fee to enjoy the challenging terrain. 




Fun activity that can be done with buddies 

Hiking can be a fun activity where you can even camp with your friends. Could you imagine seeing the stars again at night in your campsite? However, keep in mind that you should be a responsible camper especially when it comes to the disposal of trash. 


Appreciate nature

When was the last time you enjoyed a breath of fresh air? With most people working for 40 hours a week or even more, it is always a good idea to take a step back from our fast-paced lives and just appreciate the beauty of nature. Keep in mind that stress can increase the chances of cardiovascular ailments. It can also stop you from becoming productive at the workplace. 

Perhaps, all you need is a taste of what nature offers. In fact, this can help give you a different perspective on life. Why not bring your camera with you to take snaps of the beautiful scenery that you will see? 

If you think that it is quite intimidating to start hiking if you don’t have prior experience, you can always choose the difficulty of hiking activity that you are going to do. In fact, there are groups out there that are offering weekend hiking activities. This way, you will have more experienced hikers to even guide you as you go towards the summit and on your way back as well. 




Can help strengthen your grit

Grit is something that can be developed. Grit can come in handy in difficult situations in life. Perhaps, you are having a difficult time financially or you are having some personal problems on your own? Grit gives you the drive to carry on and find a solution to problems that are in front of you. 

Hiking can help you develop your grit. When you are already tired from hours of walking, you will be able to rewire your brain to enjoy the surroundings and just continue pushing towards your goal. And this isn’t exactly something that is surprising. According to studies, a walk in the woods can help combat depression and can improve your overall mood. So if you ever feel down, you might want to hike for a few hours. 

Are you now convinced to explore nature? Just remember, always do your research first and make sure that you do the necessary preparation if you are going to hike! 



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